Largest Dental Chain in Bangladesh

Largest Dental Chain in Bangladesh


Compliance Officer, Intern

Get a head start in healthcare compliance! This internship provides a valuable opportunity to gain hands-on experience supporting the compliance efforts of a dental clinic. You’ll work alongside the Compliance Officer to ensure the clinic operates within all relevant regulations and best practices. The purpose of this internship program is to expose interns to a range of compliance management.

Consultant Dental Surgeon

Are you a highly regarded Consultant Dental Surgeon with a passion for pushing the boundaries of patient care? Do you thrive in a dynamic environment where innovation meets clinical excellence? If so, then Tech Dental is the place for you!

Corporate Sales, Intern

Dive into the dynamic world of dental sales! This internship provides a unique opportunity to gain hands-on experience supporting the corporate sales team of a leading dental equipment, supply, or service provider. You will get the chance to learn about corporate sales and obtain real-world experience as an Intern, Corporate Sales at Tech Dental. The purpose of this internship program is to give people who want to work in sales, especially in a corporate setting practical experience and guidance.

Customer Care (Intern)

As an Intern of Customer Care at Tech Dental, you will have the opportunity to gain valuable hands-on experience in providing exceptional customer service. This internship will offer you exposure to various aspects of customer care operations, allowing you to develop essential skills and contribute to the success of our organization.

Customer Care Executive

As a Customer Care Executive at Tech Dental, your primary responsibility is to ensure excellent customer service and satisfaction. You will serve as the frontline representative of our organization, addressing inquiries, resolving issues, and providing support to our valued customers. Your dedication to delivering outstanding customer experiences will contribute to the overall success and reputation of Tech Dental.

Dental Assistant

As a Dental Assistant at Tech Dental, you will play a crucial role in supporting dental professionals in delivering high-quality dental care to patients. You will work closely with our dental surgeon ensuring a smooth and efficient workflow in the dental office.

Dental Surgeon (Intern)

Working as an Intern Dental Surgeon at Tech Dental would provide you the chance to learn by doing in the dental sector, under the guidance of skilled dental practitioners. The goal of this internship program is to set up students for success in the dental field by exposing them to a variety of dental practice areas.

Digital Marketing Executive (Intern)

At Tech Dental, we are looking for a driven Intern for the position of Digital Marketing to join our exciting team. In addition to helping our company grow and succeed, this internship is a great way to obtain practical experience in digital marketing.

Digital Marketing Executive

As a Digital Marketing Executive at Tech Dental, you will play a vital role in developing and implementing digital marketing strategies to promote our dental products and services. You will utilize your expertise in digital marketing channels to enhance brand awareness, drive customer engagement, and generate leads. This position offers an exciting opportunity to make a significant impact on the digital presence and growth of Tech Dental

Executive, Corporate Sales

We are seeking dynamic, driven people to join our corporate sales team in order to help develop and execute sales strategies and achieve the objectives set forth by our organization to Tech Dental. An intense sales drive to accomplish targets and a track record of success in corporate sales or related sectors are required of the ideal candidate

Junior Dental Surgeon

At Tech Dental, your role as a Junior Dental Surgeon is to provide high-quality dental care to patients. Performing dental treatment and ensuring patients are comfortable and happy throughout their dental experience will all be part of your job description. This position offers a dynamic opportunity for a qualified dentist to gain valuable clinical experience, refine their skills under supervision, and contribute to patient care within a dental clinic setting

Marketing Executive

At Tech Dental, we are looking for a motivated and results-oriented Marketing Executive to join our team. This position offers a fantastic chance to support the creation and execution of strategic marketing plans that advertise our dental services and goods

Marketing (Intern)

Tech Dental is looking for a committed Intern to join our team who is passionate about marketing. This internship is a fantastic way to help our firm succeed while gaining practical marketing experience.

Patience Experience

As an Intern of Patient Experience department, you will have the chance to improve the general patient experience at Tech Dental. Assuring that patients receive outstanding care and service throughout their engagement will be your primary responsibility in close collaboration with the patient experience team.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Intern

As a Tech Dental, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) intern, you will help raise our organization’s digital content and website’s online presence and search engine rankings. The purpose of this internship program is to expose participants to SEO techniques within the setting of a healthcare institution and to give them practical experience.