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Mini Smile Makeover Dhaka, Bangladesh
Smile Makeover at Tech Dental

Mini Smile Makeover Dhaka is a specialised protocol used by our cosmetic dentists to achieve a beautiful and conservative transformation to your smile using composite to change either the shape, colour or length of teeth (or all three).  Improvements can be done to a single tooth or two adjacent teeth to close a gap or the whole smile. Mini stands for minimally invasive and this is exactly what we strive for as the best Dhaka dentist, minimally invasive but maximum results.

Rejuvenating your smile, not long ago, was an invasive, extensive and painful process but with recent innovations, in composite bonding techniques, your smile can be transformed in a fraction of the time. Costing around half of what traditional veneers do without any damage or drilling down of the natural tooth surface.

Composite veneers are a conservative alternative to porcelain and are made from translucent resin that is carefully sculpted and hardened by your dentist in a single appointment. Composite is kind to opposing teeth and is much less expensive at 25,000-30,000 BDT.

We use a composite called Renamel which gives the highest polish/shine compared to other composites on the market. A highly polished composite ensures that the results last much longer than a composite which attracts staining more prematurely.

Mini Smile Makeover Dhaka Benefits

The most important advantage is the preservation of natural teeth. The process is much less destructive, often there is no drilling at all. Mini smile makeovers Dhaka also tend to cost less, as there is no need for expensive laboratory porcelain work.

Mini Smile Makeover Bangladesh Disadvantages 

Resin bonding is slightly more prone to chipping and staining than porcelain restorations (which can also stain and chip). However, your dentist and hygienist can polish the restorations at regular check-ups without affecting your natural teeth.

You should expect results to last 2-5 years without major replacement. With proper care and maintenance, they could last much longer. In some instances, minimal smile makeovers are not possible, when teeth are severely broken down for instance.

Our dentists have completed the detailed training for Mini Smile Makeover Bangladesh protocols and have each helped hundreds of patients transform their smiles.

To book your consultation, call or email the practice and an appointment can be organised for you.

Here’s what our patients say:

“All I can say is that it was so easy and effortless, I felt no pain or discomfort at all and she and her lovely assistant completely transformed my teeth! They brightened my dark tooth and replaced the old filling as well as fixed the rest of my teeth which weren’t in the best condition. This was all done without damaging my teeth, and they have never looked better I am so extremely over the moon with the results. I also have to note that it was affordable and you honestly get what you pay for. Invest in your teeth!!!

I’d highly recommend booking an appointment with Dr Afsana Haque Joty if you’re experiencing anything like what I had, and she offers a lot more services as I’m considering getting Invisalign later on in the year.

Lastly, the receptionists and the clinic itself are amazing. They are professional, friendly and overall, I had a really nice experience at the Tech Dental.

Mini Smile Makeover Bangladesh FAQs

Will this treatment close my gaps?

The mini smile makeover cannot physically close any gaps in teeth, however, by making the teeth look more level you can often make the gap look less obvious. We provide imaging so that you can see what the likely results are so just send us a photo of your teeth to get a clearer idea.

Will I need to have the mini smile makeover Dhaka redone?

You will not need to have the treatment redone as the contouring element is permanent, however, any additional staining attracted to your teeth may need to be removed, and you may need to top up on the whitening.

Whitening requires regular maintenance to keep them at their optimum shade, and without any maintenance, they are likely to revert back to their normal colour after two years.

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