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Dr. Afsana Haque Joty – Best Dentist in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Dr. Afsana Haqur Jotyl works as a speciality registrar in Oral Surgery at the Dhaka Dental College, Tech Dental and in private dental practices. He currently works across Dhaka, providing Oral surgery and sedation services for anxious patients.

She prides himself on providing patient centred-care with an empathetic approach. She believes open and honest communication is the key to dental care and that this allows patients to be at ease in the dental chair. She is a keen advocate for reducing anxiety as a barrier to patients receiving dental care in general practice.

Dr. Afsana Haqur Joty received her Senior Dental Surgeon, Mirpur Branch and worked as a dentist in Tech Dental, Dhaka, Bangladesh. She then completed 4 years in Oral and Maxillofacial roles across Dhaka gaining her current skill set and her sedation accreditation.

Dr. Afsana Haqur Joty performs a range of oral surgery procedures in a general dental practice setting including wisdom tooth removal, surgical tooth extractions, soft tissue surgery, functional botulinum toxin and more.

In her personal time Dr. Afsana Haqur Joty is the healthcare clinical lead for the Tech Dental. Their main purpose is to provide selfless service for those less fortunate across the world. She has featured in the media discussing homelessness and the exclusion they currently experience.

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